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Funeral Home

Losing a loved is one of the most difficult times that anyone has to face. Our purpose built Funeral Home offers a peaceful, serene and confidential environment for you to say your final goodbye.

Our spacious facility allows us to take care of everything to allow you the time and space you need to grieve and be with your family members and friends in preparation for the final farewell.

Our family room allows a private space to discuss final wishes and requests confidentially. We also have Kitchen and washroom facilities which allow it to feel more like home as well as provide vital amenities.

Most importantly there is our spacious final resting place where your family, friends and companions can come and pay their last respects.

More and more families have chosen to use our facilities due to lack of space or inadequate amenities elsewhere. The feedback has always been the same, "we were allowed to say goodbye in a very peaceful, serene, environment whilst McAlinden & Murtagh took care of everything we requested in, what is, a truly difficult time".

Our unique outside 'quiet area' allows you to take a step away from it all whilst listening to the sound of the waterfall and reflect on all the good times you shared with the person you loved so dearly.

Our Funeral Home was carefully constructed with all that our customers have requested over the years in mind and it has been a continuous sense of comfort to many as it allows us to take care of all the arrangements so you can focus on family and friends.

We would be very happy to show you round our facilities on request.

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