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Upcoming Funerals

Our thoughts are with you while you are remembering your loved one.
Here is our current funeral arrangements.

Support & Guidance

McAlinden & Murtagh is a well established family run business offering you help, support and guidance during what we know is the most difficult time.

Losing someone close and having to consider saying goodbye can be so painful and we understand the difficulty of having to make all the necessary arrangements thereafter, but we aim to make this much easier and take that burden away from you.

We deal with all aspects of the funeral from the offset, the wake, the service, flowers, catering and final resting place. It is all about making sure we fulfil your loved one’s final wishes with discretion and no fuss, just ensure that you are given the time and space at this very sad time.

Appointment with a funeral Planner

The first phone call you make to us will feel overwhelming but you will speak to a trained member of staff who will take their time with you to help you begin planning the funeral for your loved one.

At the time, it's difficult to chat so we will ask you a few initial questions and then invite you to come into our office in North Street, Lurgan, to continue the planning arrangements. We will ask you to bring along the clothing you have chosen for your loved one.

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