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Appointment with a Funeral Planner

The first phone call you make to us will feel overwhelming but you will speak to a trained member of staff who will take their time with you to help you begin planning the funeral for your loved one.
At the time, it's difficult to chat so we will ask you a few initial questions and then invite you to come into our office in North Street, Lurgan, to continue the planning arrangements. We will ask you to bring along the clothing you have chosen for your loved one.
To get in contact please call our office on 028 3832 4404 or click hereFor funeral costs we have prepared a guide for you to follow.

About our Funeral Planners

We will help with each part of the funeral process. From working with our Funeral Directors and other professionals, to co-ordinating a priest, pastor or celebrant to help guide you through the few days of the wake and funeral service. We have a range of faux and fresh flowers to choose from online created by our talented florist.
Or, to speak to us about our Preplanned Funeral Options please book an appointment with us here.

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