McAlinden & Murtagh Funeral Director: Partnering with Little Forget Me Nots Trust

Understanding Bereaved Families’ Needs

At McAlinden & Murtagh Funeral Directors, every family’s needs are recognised as unique. They approach each funeral with empathy, ensuring that the grieving process begins with a respectful and compassionate farewell.

What sets McAlinden & Murtagh apart is their commitment to supporting families in the aftermath of the funeral. They recognise that grief doesn’t end with the service; it often intensifies as families cope with their loss. This dedication to holistic care led them to collaborate with the Little Forget Me Nots Trust.
Founded by our daughter Louise Taylor who is deeply involved in the world of funeral services, the Little Forget Me Nots Trust understands the specific needs of bereaved parents. This charity provides crucial support, offering understanding, a sense of community, and guidance during the most challenging times.

McAlinden & Murtagh Funeral Directors actively partners with the Little Forget Me Nots Trust to ensure that grieving families receive the support they need. This collaboration means that parents who have experienced the heart-wrenching loss of a child are not left to navigate their grief alone.

In a field where compassion is paramount, McAlinden & Murtagh Funeral Director’s collaboration with the Little Forget Me Nots Trust stands as a beacon of support for bereaved families. Their dedication to understanding individual needs and their partnership with a charity that specialises in post-funeral support highlights their commitment to providing comprehensive care during life’s most challenging moments. Together, they offer a helping hand to those who have said their goodbyes, ensuring that no one walks the path of grief alone.

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